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Allenstown Animal Hospital Is Your Trusted Allenstown Veterinarian

Your pets are just as important to us as they are to you. As an experienced Allenstown veterinarian service, our team is available to meet most of your pet’s unique needs. From preventative care to emergency service, let our professionals help you to keep your pet healthy and a part of your family for years to come. We serve patients in Allenstown, Pembroke, Hooksett, and Concord, New Hampshire.

Get to Know Your Veterinarian

Dr. Suzan Watkins, DVM and the staff at Allenstown Animal Hospital have more than three decades of experience serving the region and many pets. We believe in providing a loving, comfortable experience no matter if your pet is coming in for a simple exam or a surgical procedure. Dr. Watkins specializes in veterinary surgery. Dr. Christine O’Connell, DVM is also available to help with your pet. She specializes in the areas of internal medicine and dentistry.

Services Available at Allenstown Animal Hospital

We offer a full range of services to meet your pet’s needs. We recommend bringing your pet in for an annual exam as a first step. We can then help to prevent, diagnose, and treat any ailments that your pet may suffer from. Our services include:

  • Preventative Medicine: Vaccinations, parasite prevention, and breed-specific care including diet and lifestyle.  
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services: We have the comprehensive diagnostic tools available to help diagnose your pet’s needs and therapeutic services to ensure complete pet care is always available.
  • Surgical Services: We have a state-of-the-art surgical suite that is available for any procedures performed including spay and neutering and complex soft tissue procedures. We also offer orthopedic procedures including cruciate ligament repair, fracture repair, and TPLO.
  • Anesthesia: Keeping your pet safe while undergoing such surgeries is very important to us, especially for older pets who are at a high risk. Our anesthesia team is excellent.
  • Radiology Services: We perform x-rays onsite including using modern, digital x-rays which provide faster information.
  • Electrocardiography Services: Your pet will have access to ECG and other cardiac care at our animal hospital as we offer all of the necessary equipment.
  • Laboratory: Our in-house lab allows us to screen for ailments and provide blood testing right onsite.
  • Pharmacy: With a comprehensive pharmacy onsite, you don’t have to go far to find the medications, vitamins, teeth cleaning, and flea care products necessary.
  • Dentistry: Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy is very important to maintaining his or her health. We provide complete dental cleaning services onsite and can handle preventative care and emergency care.

We also offer individualized flea control, nutritional programs through our dietary counseling services, and behavioral counseling onsite. Talk to us about any need you may have.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Allenstown Veterinarian Today

Call Allenstown  Animal  Hospital today to schedule an appointment with our team. We’re dedicated to providing you with exceptional care. If you need an appointment in Pembroke, Hooksett, or Allenstown veterinarian services from our vets is available to you. Call us today: (603) 485-7133.